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Interview with Dr. Frank Fischer and Daniel Mercer, Storengy Deutschland GmbH

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Sometimes it can be a bit annoying. On 20 December, I finished the manuscript for the last edition of Gasmarkt. The outlook for 2024 in the manuscript stated that the BNetzA's amendment request for the Network Development Plan (NDP) 2022 to 2032 was expected in January. However, the amendment request was already published on 21 December 2023, so I subsequently amended the manuscript. This edition contains the report on the amendment request. By and large, the BNetzA has approved the planning. However, I think two changes are worth mentioning. But read for yourself.

Since I have already reflected on the outlook for 2024 in the previous edition: I would like to add one point I did not mention. The transit contract between Russia (Gazprom Export) and Ukraine (Naftogaz) will terminate at the end of December 2024. A new contract seems almost inconceivable today, but on the other hand, gas transit works, even if it seems absurd. Gazprom obviously has an interest in continuing to supply countries/companies that are not considered "unfriendly" (Austria, Slovakia). In 2023, 135 TWh flowed through Velke Kapuzany, the border point between Ukraine and Slovakia. At present, it is not clear why Russia/Gazprom Export should not continue these supplies in 2025 (assuming that the military or political situation in the Ukraine war remains unchanged). In this case, the Russian gas major would have to book transit capacity in Ukraine in 2025. Basically, the capacity can be booked without any problems with the Ukrainian transmission system operator, Gas Transmission System of Ukraine, on the Hungarian capacity platform RBP. Perhaps this will happen without anyone talking much about it.

Topic of the month: Interview with the two managing directors of Storengy Germany, Dr Frank Fischer and Daniel Mercer

Interviews with the respective management of Storengy Deutschland have a long tradition in my Gasmarkt. At the beginning of 2012, I spoke to the then-managing director Arno Büx after the German storage operator of the Engie Group acquired the storage business of BEB (ener|gate Gasmarkt 02/12). I also spoke to Mr Büx's successors, Alain Caracatzanis (ener|gate Gasmarkt 10/15) and Catherine Gras (ener|gate Gasmarkt 02/19), about business and product development, Storengy's view about the desirable regulatory framework from and the effects of the transformation of the energy system. Catherine Gras is no longer managing director of Storengy Germany since October 1, 2023. However, she is now on the storage system operator's Supervisory Board. Her successors are Dr Frank Fischer and Daniel Mercer (ener|gate Gasmarkt 11/23). Both have worked for the Engie Group in Germany for 20 years or more. Interestingly, they have already worked together in the power plant sector at Engie. Mr Mercer started working for Storengy Germany in 2019. He was head of business development and a member of the executive board. Mr Fischer moved from Onyx Power, the former German Engie power plant division, to Storengy Deutschland Betrieb as managing director in February 2021. The company is responsible for the technical operation of the storage facilities. He is also responsible for technical issues on the Storengy Deutschland management board and is the spokesman for the management board. Mr Mercer is accordingly responsible for all commercial topics. Mr Fischer was also elected as Mrs Gras' successor on the board of the Association of Storage Operators, Initiative Energien Speichern (INES).