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Storengy Deutschland: Interview with Catherine Gras

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The future role of gas also plays an important role in this edition. There are two interviews. Catherine Gras, the Storengy Deutschland’s managing director, looks at the topic from the perspective of a storage operator. Patrick Graichen, director of agora Energiewende, a think-tank, asks the gas industry to advocate for a quota for green hydrogen.

Topic of the month: Storengy Deutschland: Interview with Catherine Gras

Since October 1, 2018, Catherine Gras has been the managing director of the storage operator Storengy Deutschland (ener|gate Gasmarkt 11/18). She has been managing director of Storengy UK since 2016 and will remain responsible for the UK and German activities. Before she switched to Storengy, she had been working in different departments of the ENGIE Group since 2001. Storengy is an affiliate of the group. Therefore, she does not only know the storage market from different perspectives but also has a broad view on the energy business. ener|gate Gasmarkt talked to Ms Gras about her new position and the general perspective for the energy market, storage business and the need for regulation.

Framework conditionsNo-deal Brexit

In a letter to the House of Commons on December 14, the British energy minister described the impact of a no-deal Brexit to the gas and power exchange with the continent. The core message: the impact is small. The regulation for the European network codes can mainly be transposed to national statutory instruments. The Network Code Capacity Allocation (NC CAM), for example, can be adjusted to national regulation in such a way that references to EU institutions are left out. This will allow cross-border gas trading to continue. Only potential solidarity supplies stipulated in the European Regulation on Gas Security of Supply (SoS Regulation) will not take place. Many market participants are more concerned about a smooth operation in the case of a no-deal Brexit.